How to Choose your Engagement Ring Design (Part 3 - Prong Tip Designs)

Welcome to part 3, of the Ultimate Guide on How to Choose your Engagement Ring Design video series!

In part 3, we would discuss on the various prong tip designs you can choose from, such as round, claw, heart shape, etc. This includes our recommendations and how you can customise your own unique prong tip design!

There would be 7 videos in the ''How to Choose your Ring Design Guide'', in the following order,
Part 1 - Ring Material (
Part 2 - Number of Prongs (
Part 3 - Prong Tips
Part 4 - Crown Head
Part 5 - Band Design (Top)
Part 6 - Band Design (Side Profile)
Part 7 - Ring Design with Side Diamonds


Updated: May 15, 2019