Gold Diamond Ring & Solitaire Diamond Ring

Evergreen Solitaire Diamond Rings & Gold Diamond Rings

Solitaire diamond rings in classic white gold or yellow gold or rose gold are all evergreen gold diamond ring designs that are popular and much sought after to be used as proposal diamond rings in Singapore.  There are many factors to consider when buying diamonds from any Singapore diamond jeweler stores.


Unboxing Solitaire Ring

The basic 4Cs of a diamond – Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. We will go into details about the CUT as it is the most important of all the basic 4Cs of a diamond. The Cut of a diamond determines the brilliance and visual size of the diamond.  Follow these simple 4 steps to determine if your diamond is a Super Ideal Cut when you are shopping in a diamond jewellery store in Singapore.


Step 1 – Check the proportions of a diamond


Every vendors will have their own set of “Ideal proportions” or ‘’Super Ideal Cut proportions’’. While some may be of tighter criteria, most are not. An easy way to analyze the proportions is by using the HCA Tool. It’s a pretty straightforward where you can key in the parameters listed on the certificate into the calculator and it will give your diamond a score. We recommend a diamond to have a score of 0.4 – 1.4.


The HCA tool is fantastic for eliminating poorly cut diamonds but it should not be used as a selection tool. This is because the HCA tool attempts to predict the light performance of a diamond and has several limitations. For example, it only takes into account 17 out of the 57 facets on a diamond. As a result, poorly cut diamond may still be able to achieve a fantastic HCA score.


The HCA tool can only be used on traditional cut 57/58 faceted round diamonds. For other cuts, you will need to follow the below step 2 – 4.


Step 2 – Check the Light Performance of a Diamond with the Ideal Scope

The Ideal Scope can be used to analyze diamond’s light performance by measuring how much light is returning or leaking out. It’s useful in analyzing a diamond’s brightness and contrast.



Step 3 – Check the Light Performance of a Diamond with the ASET Scope

The ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool) Scope works similarly to the Ideal Cut, but it’s more of an advance version, where it breaks down the light return of the diamond into ‘strong light return’ and ‘weak light return’. It can be used to analyze a diamond’s Brightness & Contrast, Scintillation and Patterned Scintillation.





Step 4 – Check the Optical Symmetry with the Hearts & Arrows Scope

The Hearts & Arrows scope is to analyze the symmetry of a diamond.



– 8 equal uniformed symmetrical hearts.

– 8 distinct symmetrical Hearts that separate from the Arrowheads above. If above is correct check the following.

– Check if the hearts are split, measure length of heart then the length of the split.

– Calculate the % of the length split, if it is greater than 8% and there are more than 2 of them, it fails.



– Each arrow (8) must be clearly visible with a shaft and a arrow head.

– The 8 arrows shafts as well as heads have to be straight and in the right position.

– The 8 arrow points must meet the girdle.

– There must be total uniformity and balance.




After you have found yourself a high Light Performing Diamond with the above steps, check with the diamond jeweler on the types of inclusions and its location to ensure that they are eye clean and do not affect the durability of your diamond. In addition, ensure that the diamond does not have any BGM (Brown/Green/Milky). These are undesirable effect on a diamond, which would not be shown on the Certificate.

Each of JannPaul’s Super Ideal Cut diamond goes through a stringent quality selection, involving several demanding criteria. All of our diamonds, be it cushion cut diamonds or other super ideal cut hearts & arrows diamonds are handpicked to ensure that each is cut to the maximum light performance and is guaranteed to outperform any other 57 faceted round diamond.

Once you have found a diamond that passes the above 4 steps, congratulations! You have found yourself a truly brilliant diamond.  The next step will be creating a ring design in your style to complement your extraordinary diamond.

A Story About Alvin’s Customised Solitaire White Gold Diamond Ring


Aivin approached us to custom design a solitaire diamond ring for his upcoming proposal. Alvin was located in Malaysia so he is unable to visit our diamond jewelry store in Singapore and hence all communications were done over email. We shortlisted a diamond according to his specification and we provided Alvin with its scope images online.
Based on Alvin’s original design, we further customised it by adding filigrees in the cathedral gaps of the band to give the white gold solitaire diamond ring an intricate and whimsical look. We also created a 3D render.  From the top view, its shows a simple classic 6 prongs solitaire diamond ring, while on the sides, it reveals an intricate story.



custom diamond proposal ring design white gold diamond ring custom design solitaire diamond ring custom design



Once the 3D render was approved by Alvin, we proceeded to handcraft his solitaire diamond ring. Here is the picture of Alvin’s special custom designed solitaire diamond ring.


custom solitaire diamond proposal ring  white gold diamond proposal ring



We expedited Alvin’s solitaire white gold diamond ring for his proposal trip at Mount Fuji.  Aivin’s advice for the lads would be: “The satisfactions of designing your own proposal diamond ring is exquisite, you will notice small details about your partner and what suits her most, and knowing she deserve the one and only design in this world because she is the special one. So, Just Do It! ”


Each of our diamond ring is individually handcrafted by our Mastercrafter. The beauty to this is that it gives the solitaire diamond ring an organic look where the diamond and ring design complements each other.


Unboxing Solitaire Diamond Ring

We’re excited to reveal this new solitaire gold diamond ring design that we’ve handcrafted! It’s a 18kt rose gold solitaire customised diamond ring with intricate rope twists design. The weaving designs on the band stretches and connects to the prong head, creating a cathedral effect. The prong head is kept clean and simple, without any obstructions to the main diamond. This allows you to see the complete side profile view of your solitaire diamond.


Watch the videos below as we unbox these beautiful gold diamond ring as well as the classic solitaire diamond ring!


Showcasing the precision of our 3d renders, below is a side by side comparison of our 3d renders next to the actual solitaire rose gold diamond ring. All of our customised solitaire diamond ring designs come with these 3d renders, where you can personalise it to further suit your preferred style.


beautiful rose gold solitaire diamond ring

beautiful rose gold solitaire diamond ring