• What makes JANNPAUL so special?

Here at JannPaul, we strive to revolutionize the standard jewellery industry by being a key figure and pioneer of the highest diamond quality standard in the world. We differentiate ourselves by constantly innovating new patented cuts of cutting-edge light performance and keeping the quality standard of our diamonds ahead of the rest. We aim to provide diamonds of the highest light performance at the most competitive prices. 

• What kind of diamonds do you offer?

All our diamonds are of Super Ideal Cut standard. A Super Ideal Cut diamond has a very tight set of proportions, and perfect symmetry that allow it to achieve maximum possible light return. In our collection, we have Super Ideal Cut Round; Cushion Brellia, the World’s first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond; Solasfera, a 10 Hearts & Arrows Round that possesses maximum Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation; and Octagon, the World’s first 88 faceted Hearts & Arrows diamond.

• Why should I choose JANNPAUL over a local jeweller?

We have always set new and higher standards in both jewellery craftmanship quality and customer service in the industry. Only diamonds that meet our stringent Super Ideal Cut requirements are included in our inventory. Every JannPaul Super Ideal Cut exceeds the regular Ideal Cut range and achieves a balance between brightness and fire. To further ensure transparency over our diamond quality and price, we empower our clients with sufficient knowledge that may even surpass diamond graduate gemologists. Tools such as Hearts & Arrows scope, Ideal scope and ASET scope are also provided for clients to evaluate our diamonds before they make their purchase decisions.

• Does JANNPAUL have a retail store?

Our flagship retail store is located at 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #01-23. Singapore 238882.

• Can I buy from you if I live outside Singapore?

We provide fast and reliable shipping to more than 150 countries. All our international orders are securely packaged and shipped via FedEX International Priority. In addition, all orders are fully insured while in transit to your home or office.

• Why do similar diamonds differ in price?

We update our diamond inventory on a daily basis. Diamond prices may fluctuate due to current market prices and exchange rates. As a result, diamonds of the same specifications may differ depending on the batch.

• Are all of your diamonds in-house?

Yes, all of our diamonds are in-house only.

• What is a Super Ideal Cut?

Super Ideal Cut is a diamond that is cut to the maximum light performance. All of our Super Ideal Cuts achieves the strictest criteria in the HCA tool, Ideal Scope, ASET scope and Hearts & Arrows scope. They are the “best of the best”.

• What are Hearts & Arrows diamonds?

Hearts & Arrows refers to the cut patterning of the diamond where it is cut to the highest optical symmetry. A true Hearts & Arrows diamond will have 8 hearts and 8 arrows that is optically symmetrical when viewed under the Hearts & Arrows scope.

• Are JANNPAUL diamonds conflict free?

Yes, all diamonds sold by JANNPAUL are from legitimate sources that follow the strict compliance of the Kimberly Process.

• What is your definition of eye clean?

JANNPAUL’s defines eye clean where there are no inclusions visible to the naked eyes of a 20/20 vision person when viewing the diamond in the face up position at a distance of approximately 5 inches under normal overhead lighting. JANNPAUL ensures that all of our diamonds are eye clean.

• What is the difference between GIA and AGS?

GIA and AGS are 2 different laboratory bodies.

• What is the Ideal scope?

The Ideal Scope was developed to measure the light performance of a diamond. It allows users to measure a diamond’s brilliance by showing its light return and light leakages, in relative to its contrast.

For more information, visit https://www.jannpaul.com/content/47/ideal-scope

• What is the ASET scope?

The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) provides additional information in the intensity of a diamond’s light return. It is used by the American Gem Society and its laboratory.

For more information, visit https://www.jannpaul.com/content/48/asset-scope

• What is the HCA tool?

The Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA) tool is used to estimate a round diamond’s appeal based on its potential light return, fire, scintillation and spread.

For more information, visit https://www.jannpaul.com/content/46/HCA-Tool

• Does JANNPAUL carry lab grown diamonds/ synthetic diamonds?

Yes, JannPaul do carry lab grown diamonds and we have a wide selection of lab-grown diamonds available in various sizes, shapes, and quality grades.

• Are JANNPAUL diamonds laser inscribed?

Yes, all of our diamonds are laser inscribed to match the certificate’s serial number.

• Can I reserve a diamond?

We do not offer diamond reservation services.

• Are any of your diamonds laser treated, clarity enhanced, color enhanced or modified in any other way?

JannPaul Natural mined diamonds have not undergone any laser treatments, clarity enhancement, or any other modifications, and are presented in their natural state.

JannPaul Lab grown diamonds are also slow grown in CVD or HPHT to avoid brown/grey/blue hues. All of our lab grown diamonds are slow growth (no catalyst is used), using the top quality carbon seeds. Our diamonds are all Type IIa, the chemically purest makes and are AGS, GIA or GCAL 8x Certified only. We do not carry IGI certified diamonds for various reasons.

• Can I upgrade my diamond in the future?

Yes, we have an upgrade policy program.

• What If I lost my certificate?

You may download the softcopy of your certificate on GIA (http://www.gia.edu) or AGS (https://www.agslab.com). To re-certify your diamond, you would require to contact the respective laboratory, and they will guide you on their procedure.

• How do I verify if the diamond I received is correct?

All JANNPAUL diamonds are laser inscribed. You may check and match the diamond’s inscription number with its certificate.

• Are your priced negotiable?

Our prices are fixed as we offer the most competitive prices.

• Does JANNPAUL carry designer engagement rings?

Yes, we are the distributor of Verragio rings.

You view the full collection, you may visit, http://www.verragio.com

• Should I choose white gold or platinum?

Both white gold and platinum make great choices for jewellery and are great for everyday wear. The main difference is their content, malleability, and how it oxidizes over the years.
For more information, you can visit, http://jannpaul-diamonds.blogspot.com/2016/08/platinum-or-white-gold.html

• Do you sell settings only?

No, we do not offer settings only.

All of our settings must be accompanied with a diamond purchase.

Are your 18kt gold suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our 18kt gold do not contain nickel and are suitable for sensitive skins.

• Does Jannpaul offer engraving services?

Yes, we provide 1 free laser engraving services to each of our jewellery.

• How do I check my partner's ring size?

To find out your partner’s ring size, visit [INSERT LINK]

• What If I need the ring resized?

We provide 2 free ring re-sizings.

For international clients, simply ship your diamond ring back to us and we will re-size and ship your ring back to your address. You will only require to cover the shipping cost to us.

• Will JANNPAUL build a custom design using my own diamond or gemstone?

No, we only offer customization services for our own diamond or gemstone.

• What is the payment process for a custom design project?

We require a 50% deposit to start on your custom design project, where we will provide you a 3D render of your ring design. After your approval, we require the remaining balance to begin handcrafting your ring.

• How long does it take to make a custom jewelry?

We require 1-2 weeks to send you your 3D render. After your approval, we will require 4-8 weeks to handcraft your ring.

• Can you design a ring based on my sketch?

Yes, feel free to send us your sketch and we can create a 3D render of your ring design for you.

• How long does it take for you to send my my 3D render?

We require about 1-2 weeks.

• How is your ring customization procedure like?

For more information about our ring customization process, visit, http://jannpaul-diamonds.blogspot.com/2017/07/jp-diamond-ring-customization-process.html

• What currency do you accept?

For online sales, we accept USD, SGD and AUD only.

• What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and JCB payments.

• How do I place my order?

You may place your order on our website, retail store or contacting us at sales@jannpaul.com

• Does JannPaul collect sales tax?

For international shipping, we do not collect sales tax. For local purchases and collection in Singapore, there will be a 7% gst incurred.

• What is bank wire transfer and how do I make one?

Email us at sales@jannpaul.com and we’ll provide you our bank details and instructions.

• Do I have to pay in full at the time of my order?

Yes, we require full payment for our online purchases.

• How is my order packaged?

Your order will be securely double packed and sealed.

• What if the carrier lost my shipment?

JANNPAUL takes every precaution to ensure your order arrives safely. We fully insure all of our shipments during transit and require a signature for all packages.

• Can I track my order?

Coming Soon.

• Do you collect sales tax?

We collect a 7% Government Service Tax (GST) for collections or shipments in Singapore. For international shipping, you are subjected to your local tax laws.

• How much does JANNPAUL charge for shipping?

Coming soon.

• Is my order insured while in transit?

Yes, all of our orders are fully insured during transit.

• How long will my item be shipped after I order?

Loose diamonds are shipped out within the same or next working day.

All other jewelry and engagement rings will be shipped within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the availability and design. For custom designs, it may take 4 to 8 weeks.

• Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?

Yes, you may ship to an alternative address.

• Do you offer warranty on the jewellery I purchased from JANNPAUL?

Yes. We do provide a lifetime warranty for our items against manufacturer defects in craftsmanship. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear or damages  incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, of theft.

• How do I best care and maintain my jewellery purchase?

We offer complimentary cleaning and prong checks. You may visit our store or ship your jewellery item to us for cleaning or prong checks.

• What is your return policy?

Your complete satisfaction with our product is guaranteed or items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of receipt. You would only require to pay for return shipping fees. Please note, returned items are only applicable for international customers and must be in their original purchase condition together with its certificate(s).

• What cannot be returned within 30 days?

Engraved jewelry items may not be returned. Diamonds purchased as part of our upgrade program may not be returned for credit. Diamonds without its original certificate may not be returned.

• How should I package my return for shipping?

Contact us by email or phone, and we will walk you through the correct packaging procedure.

• How long will it take JANNPAUL to process my merchandize return?

We would require about 4-5 working days from the time we received your item. For credit card refunds, it would depend on the processing time of your bank.