Cushion Cut Diamonds & Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamonds & Super Ideal Diamonds – The Ideal Diamond Engagement Rings

You have heard the saying “The beauty of a diamond depends more on Cut than any other factors” and this is why people seek for super ideal cut diamonds and why Cushion Brellia diamonds appear whiter than other conventional cushion cut diamonds.

Before we dive into Brellia Cushion Cut diamond, let’s start with what makes a diamond a part of the JannPaul collection and why out of all the diamonds in the world, we only choose to sell these kinds of diamonds?


Image of Super Ideal Cut Diamonds & Cushion Cut Diamonds

Super Ideal Cut Diamonds & Cushion Cut Diamonds


Each JannPaul’s diamond possesses the highest quality boundaries, in the world. We want all our customers to be highly satisfied with their JannPaul’s diamond rings and able to proudly declare that they have owned one of the most beautiful super ideal diamonds in the world!

This is the reason why we don’t sell lower grade diamonds. We want to distinguish JannPaul from other Singapore diamond jewelers’ brands.
How do we achieve this?  We have a prerequisite on the basic diamond Cut which is Excellent Polish/Symmetry/Cut on GIA or ideal Polish/Symmetry/Cut on AGS.


Diamond Cuts: Difference Between Super Ideal Cut Diamond, Ideal Cut Diamond & GIA Triple Excellent Cut Diamond

Watch the video below to learn about the difference between the Cut quality of these 3 diamonds. We specifically selected these 3 diamonds that have almost identical GIA certificates.

They all have the same diamond color grade. To a layman, these 3 diamonds are pretty much the same, but somehow perform very differently. This video proves that you should never buy a diamond just based on the GIA certificate alone. There are many factors the GIA diamond grading certificate doesn’t reveal such as the light performance of the diamond.




Ideal Cut Diamond vs Super Ideal Cut Diamond

Cut refers not to a diamond’s shape but to a diamond’s proportions, polish & symmetry. The beauty of a diamond depends more on cut than any other factor. Diamond cut has impact on it’s brilliance, fire (seen as flashes of color), and scintillation (the sparkle when a diamond is moved). An ideal cut diamond is a given set of proportions of a diamond that returns majority of light.


So what is a Super Ideal cut diamond?

Unfortunately the term Super Ideal cut is even more misused that the term ideal. Most Singapore diamond jewelers will just use it for the sake of using it, even though they don’t even know the definition to it. Super Ideal Cut Diamond is a tighter ideal set of proportions to return maximum light. Every Facet alignment is taken into consideration. Symmetry is taken into another level despite what the certification says. Tools are used to make sure the diamond is symmetrical from the bottom and top. Overall light return is not enough, every facet of the diamond must perform to it’s maximum potential in returning light. Brightness/contrast patterning, fire, scintillation patterns must be taken in account. The diamond must be able to perform optimally under all lighting conditions. Tools must be used to prove these claims. No tools, no claim.

In short, the super ideal cut diamond requires heavy scrutiny. Everything must be close to as perfect as possible.


Why Cushion Brellia Appears Whiter Compared To Other Conventional Cushion Cuts Diamonds

The Cushion Brellia is the World’s first Cushion Cut Hearts & Arrows Diamond. Unlike any other cut, the Cushion Brellia possesses everything anyone can ask for:


The sheer brightness of the Cushion Brellia even surpasses most rounds. It was made to show have such high brightness to enhance the whiteness and hence emphasize on the arrows.. Afterall, it’s a cushion cut diamond with hearts and arrows! Show it off to people !


This is where everyone loves the Cushion Brellia diamonds. The pavilions (arrows) are designed fatter to create large bold flashes of fire that people love to see from that distance. Generally, fancy shape diamonds such as the cushion, square, pear, etc. do not have Hearts & Arrows patterning. As a result, it tends to have a lack of contrast (fire) and light return (brightness), giving it a ‘crushed ice’ look. This is why, if you’ve ever compared a fancy shape to a round diamond, the round diamond, you’ll notice that the round diamond would always appear much more brilliant and fiery. Hence, for fancy shape diamonds, most people would have to sacrifice on its brilliance for its shape. Now this is where the Cushion Brellia comes in! The Cushion Brellia diamond is cut with Hearts & Arrows and to the maximum light performance. What this means, is that not only can do you get a fancy shape (cushion) diamond, it would be as brilliant or fiery as a Super Ideal Cut round!


Since the Cushion Brellia diamond is designed at the 57 facet mark just like rounds, it retains that balanced scintillation. It isn’t made to be a gimmick. It’s made to be balanced, perfect! For a more detailed illustration, below is the ASET scope image of the Cushion Brellia diamond. It shows a good balance of blue (contrast / fire) and red (light return / brightness) areas. It also has minimum white (light leakages) and green (weak light return) areas. Overall, this would give the diamond a much brighter and fiery appearance.

Cushion Brellia - Cushion Cut Diamonds by JannPaul


Below is the ASET of a typical cushion diamond. First thing you’ll notice is how much white (light leakages) and green (weak light return) areas, the diamond has. This would result in the diamond looking duller and darker, where there will be a lack of brightness as light is literally passing through the diamond. In addition, notice there hardly any blue (contrast)? This means that it will have very little or no fire.


Normal Cushion Cut Diamonds


Watch the below video, where we compared a Cushion Brellia diamond and a normal Cushion cut diamond of the same Color grade (G). See how these 2 cushion cut diamonds perform against each other and how much brighter (or whiter) the Cushion Brellia diamond appears even though they are the same color grade!


Now you can appreciate why Cushion Brellia Cut Diamonds make an ideal proposal engagement ring


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