Customer service

Each JANNPAUL jewelry pieces is passed through several skilled craftsmen who devote hours to examine every item and meet our discriminating standards. It is our tradition to exceed customer satisfaction and our ambition is to uphold this tradition.

With the passage of time, jewelry prices are exposed to pollution, temperature changes and occasional knocks causing harm to your jewelry. With JANNPAUL, we provide a comprehensive list of services that will ensure your jewelry preserve its former glory and lasts for generations.

After many years, dust particles or oil residue may collect within your jewellery item. We provide an unlimited cleaning service for all JANNPAUL jewelries, by using an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner uses over 40,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second to dislodge most dirt and grime. This quick process requires less than 5 minutes.

Note: Not all jewellery pieces are suitable to be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner. For these items, we provide thorough cleaning by hand, using a solution and brush.

Occasional knocks may cause scratches or dents on your jewelry item, causing the metal to lose its original shine. JANNPAUL offers polishing services to polish away these scratches and dents, smoothing out the surface and bringing back your jewelry to its original shine and brilliance. Kindly note, polishing involves the removal of a fine layer of metal. Thus, JANNPAUL recommends not to have this service carried out more than twice in the lifetime of your jewelry.

Rhodium is a rare precious metal, originating from the platinum family. Rhodium plating enhances the whiteness and reflectiveness of white gold. In addition, rhodium is able to withstand corrosion and makes the jewelry more durable. All of JANNPAUL’s white gold jewelries are rhodium plated after polishing to ensure your jewelry possesses that extra whiteness .

JANNPAUL offers re-sizing services to our jewelry pieces, including rings, bracelets and necklaces. Re-sizing involves several meticulous stages of increasing or reducing the size of the item. Before a jewelry piece is re-sized, it is thoroughly cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner. For rings, a highly skilled crafter uses a miniature saw to open up the bottom band of the ring before removing or adding a piece of metal to adjust the ring to its new size. The ring is then polished and rhodium plated. Kindly note, the polishing process involves the removal of a fine layer of metal. Thus, we do not recommend to re-size your ring more than twice in its lifetime.

We provide free engraving services for our jewelries. 

During your wear, you might occasionally knock your jewelry against hard surfaces. JANNPAUL offers an unlimited complimentary prong check for all of our items. We will diagnose your ring to ensure that all of your prongs are intact and your diamond/gemstone is secure. If we discover any damaged prongs, we will repair or replace it for you complimentary. We recommend sending your jewelry to us for prong checks once a year. All of our other services, such as cleaning, polishing, rhodium plating, resizing and engraving, includes a prong check service as well.

JANNPAUL strives to achieve perfection in both our diamonds and craftsmanship in our creations. Our jewellery pieces have a lifetime warranty against any defects. We are committed to ensuring the quality in our creations and will repair and maintain your jewellery for a lifetime.