Conflict Free Diamond

JANNPAUL abides by the highest professional, ethical, social, environmental and legal standards. Every diamond JANNPAUL sell is conflict free. We have a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We only offer diamonds that are obtained using legitimate means.

Our Commitment

JANNPAUL is committed to operating our business in such a way that we neither engage in, nor encourage in any manner, the following practices which are requested as unacceptable and against the public interest and that of the diamond industry.

- Buying and trading rough diamonds from areas where this would encourage or support conflict and human suffering.

- The use of child labor.

- Practices which intentionally or recklessly endanger or harm the health or welfare of individuals.

- Conduct which conflicts with the principles set out in above, thereby bringing the diamond industry into serious disrepute.

Diamond Best Practice Principles (BPP) Assurance Program and Kimberly Compliant

The BPP program was established to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources known to be conflict-free. It is compliant with all the rules of the Kimberly process and requirements of the World Diamond Council.

The BPP follows the below guidelines,

- Ethical and professional business standards.

- Full disclosure of treated diamonds, synthetic and simulants.

- Compliance with all rules of the Kimberly Process and all requirements of the World Diamond Council.

- Full environmental, social responsibilities and labour standards compliance in line with international best practice and the related regulatory framework.