Best Engagement Ring & Cushion Cut Diamonds

Best Engagement Ring & Cushion Cut Diamonds

Searching for the best engagement ring ideas?  Engagement represent a commitment from the man to his betrothed. It is a message to all the prospecting suitors that the lady is taken. For women, engagements ought to be memorable and filled with messages of undying love and uniqueness of the looming union. Hence, using a customized engagement ring is the ideal way of asking a lady for her hand in marriage.


Customization of the engagement ring ensures that the lady knows and feels that she is the only one in the world. The fiancé also manages to convey his commitment to his lady by making a large and visible gesture. A big cushion cut diamond ring is definitely a suitable gesture of the enduring love between a couples. To land the right diamond engagement ring for the right lady, it is important to consider the following tips.

Cushion cut diamonds are popular but they are also misunderstood by many. Recent attention has shifted from princess cuts and rounds to cushion cuts. Oddly, the increased attention comes from the confusion that surrounds the cutting style.


Clearing the misunderstanding will ensure that the customers have access to the finest cuts possible or even having the cut that is customized to fit the individual taste and preference. Understanding the different types of cushion cuts ensures that the customer has the right ring for the big engagement.

Anyone shopping around for diamond engagement ring can select from standard and modified cushions. Standard cushion cut diamonds are more classical while modified cushion cuts are modernized versions of the old cutting styles. However, the two designs do not have a significant impact on the appearance to an untrained eye. Hence it is nothing to fret over.

The next consideration when purchasing a cushion diamond is the look. Cushion diamonds, whether standard or modified, have two common looks; chunky and crushed. Chunky looks have defined patterns more son when looked from the top. Crushed ice looks lack the defined patterns. There is a haphazard sparkling pattern.

When purchasing a cushion cut diamond engagement ring it is important to consider important details in addition to the four broad categories. One of the commonly considered aspects about a diamond ring is the color. Cushion cuts have the tendency or retaining their color for long as opposed to any other cut. If the stone is to be mounted on white gold it is advisable to buy cushion cuts with a color rating above H.

The second consideration is diamond clarity scale. It is advisable for one to purchase the lowest clarity regardless of whether the cushion cut is standard or modified. The third consideration is the quality of the cut. Some of the cushion cuts are nearly round or square. Most of the quality parameters cannot be captured in the certificate. Therefore, they seeing the diamond is an ideal way of determining the quality.

The general rule of purchasing cushion diamonds is to stick to the cushion cuts that have a depth and table below 70%. Other aspects to consider when purchasing solitaire diamond or cushion cuts include the metal in which it is mounted or set as well as the shapes. One can customize the metal and shapes.

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