Casey's blog: Cushion Brellia VS Octagon Hearts & Arrows

The Cushion Brellia is the World's first Cushion Heart & Arrows diamond. It's the highest light performing Cushion diamond thanks to its strong light return under the Ideal & ASET scopes. It has 57 facets with 8 Hearts & Arrows, similar to the Super Ideal Cut, but in a cushion shape. It's a popular cut for those looking for a soft squarish shape diamond, which goes very well in any jewelry design.

The Octagon has an outstanding light performance. It has 88 facets with 8 Hearts & Arrows. These extra facets gives it a mesmerizing scintillation. It is designed to have intense light return and have an unparalleled brilliance. Once makes this diamond even more unique is its Octagon shape, with 88 facets, 8 sides, 8 hearts and 8 arrows.

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Updated: Aug 13, 2017