Dos And Don'ts After Getting An Engagement Ring

These are all dos and don'ts you need to know after getting an engagement ring!

Do remove your engagement ring before going for a swim.
Don't leave it in public or unfamiliar places.

Do dry your diamond with lith-free cloth.
Don't wipe it with tissue or paper towel.

Do hold onto the band of your engagement ring.
Don't touch or grab the center stone.

Do clean your diamond once a week with diluted soap, water and toothbrush.
Don't use bleach or other strong cleaning agents.

Do bring your engagement ring to your jeweler for regular prongs check.
Don't attempt tightening the ring by yourself with a pair of pliers.

Do wear your diamond ring everything to flaunt.
Don't wear it during vigorous activities.

Do take off your ring before going to bed.
Don't wear it overnight especially during pregnancy.

Do keep your diamond ring on a jewelry tray or soft pouch.
Don't keep it with other diamond jewelries.

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Updated: Dec 17, 2018