JannPaul: Different ways to set your Octagon Diamond

Hello everyone, we've been getting a lot of interest for our new octagon hats and arrows diamonds. One of the most often asked questions is how do you set the diamond on a ring. Now the octagon has a very unique shape and is a very fun diamond to play with.

If you orientate the diamond where the tip of the diamond is pointing upwards like what you see on the left the diamond looks rounder while you're still able to distinguish its beautiful octagon shape whereas if you prefer a more squarish look. You can orientate it to what you see on the right which will give it a more boxy look.

Following are some ways you can set your octagon on a four prong setting. The top two rings are where the prongs are position at the four corners of the diamond both setting designs are exactly the same but the orientation of the diamond gives the ring a whole new look. The bottom two rings have the prongs in the north-south-east-west position it can make the diamond look rounder it also emphasizes on the octagon shape of the diamond.

These designs are very beautiful and classic it's going to be a tough choice to choose one of them. Let's have a look at the actual rings, this is the real deal guys, just look how amazingly brilliant the diamond is, the colourful rainbow flashes and the eight listing arrows the octagon shape is very visible, in this setting this orientation of the diamond gives the ring a very unique but classic look. It's perfect for daily wearing and will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Over here is a ring designer of site diamonds if you notice the main diamond looks a little squarish. The Octagon also looks stunning in this orientation and you're still able to see its unique octagon shape.

These are just one of the few of the many ways you can set your octagon diamond. You can also find out more in our blog at http://jannpaul-diamonds.blogspot.sg/

Updated: May 4, 2017