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JannPaul specialises in Super Idea Cut diamonds, paired with state of the art customised rings in Singapore. Each diamond are in-house checked using professional tools such as the HCA calculator, Ideal scope, ASET scope, and Hearts & Arrows scope. We work closely with our Master diamond cutters to ensure that each of our diamonds passes through our stringent criteria, never sacrificing on the quality. JannPaul strongly believes in educating our clients about diamonds, allowing them to understand better and make a more informed decision in choosing their perfect ideal cut diamond for their solitaire diamond ring or proposal ring. This channel was founded specifically for that purpose, to guide them through this journey.

We specialize in the Super Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows Diamonds and we are one of the leading Singapore jeweller that offer customised diamond ring designs. Be it proposal rings, engagement rings, or wedding bands, we will carefully guide you in picking the perfect diamond for your big occasion and also help you customise your solitaire diamond ring designs. You may also call us at (65) 6733-2925 to book an appointment with us today!

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JannPaul Signature Ideal Cut Diamonds

Picture showing JannPaul signature diamonds: Super Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows Diamonds


Solasfera: Glamorous Bride

Classic round shape diamonds have always been very popular due to their brilliance, simplicity and these are timeless beauty. Introducing one of JannPaul’s signature ideal cut diamond –  Solasfera.

Picture of Solitaire Diamond Ring, Solasfera by JannPaul

Despite being round shape diamond, hold its own individuality to it. Wearers of Solasfera loves its quiet elegance and it’s regal feel. Ladies who are attracted to this gorgeous white gold diamond ring tend to be versatile, glamorous, confident and have great sense of what they want in life. They are also slightly conservative and are believers of traditional romance yet modern in their own ways. A woman who likes this round shape cut is said to be very sophisticated and graceful.


Brellia: Fashionable & Romantic Lady

Cushion cut diamond is another of JannPaul signature cut diamonds. Cushion Brellia is the perfect choice for those looking for a diamond with a vintage appeal, yet with a modern twist to it. Cushion cut diamond shape suits ladies who are contemporary, at the same time romantic and passionate. Wears of Cushion Brellia tend to be stylish and lively.
Picture showing Brellia Cushion Cut Diamond in white gold ring

The video below will show you why Cushion Brellia appears whiter than as compared to other cushion cut diamonds.

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire diamond ring designs are always one of the most classic and popular diamond ring designs as they are timeless and easy to match with wedding bands. If you are thinking whether to go with a 4 prongs or 6 prongs proposal ring designs, you can watch the below Youtube video.


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You may call (65) 6733-2925 to book an appointment with us so we can assist you in the exciting journey of choosing proposal rings or wedding rings and customising the ring to make it unique and special for your loved ones.